How to Safely Test for Asbestos

Should you be testing for asbestos in your home? Can you safely test for asbestos at home? In the domestic sphere there is no legal requirement to carry out an asbestos survey as there is in commercial or industrial. That does not mean that you won't come across this potentially harmful substance. There have [...]

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Asbestos Removal From Your Home

Asbestos is still fairly common in homes around the UK, despite the substance being completely banned back in 1999. Whether you are responsible for the ownership of a home or control of a workplace, you have a duty of care under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to carefully manage any asbestos that is found [...]

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When to use a Licensed Contractor for Testing Asbestos in your Home

Asbestos is very dangerous to be in contact with. Since it was banned completely in the UK in 1999 it is no longer an issue within any new build homes or structures, but within a huge number of homes that were built prior to that date, asbestos is still a very real and present danger. [...]

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Asbestos Surveys When Buying a House

It is a very exciting time when you are going through the process of buying a new house. However, there are always plenty of stresses and challenges that have to be faced, and if you have received the information from the general study and see that there is asbestos present should you be considering full [...]

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Secondary Exposure to Asbestos a Risk for Many

If you are living with, or lived with people who have worked within industries where asbestos was known to have been present there is a chance that you too could have been exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres through secondary exposure. For many people working within construction, engineering, shipbuilding, and other such industries they were exposed [...]

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20 Years of Banned Asbestos

Asbestos has been the cause of one of the worst occupational epidemics that the UK has ever known, and still to this day we see numbers of around 4,500 relating to deaths linked to asbestos. This figure is astounding and comes at a time when it has been banned completely in the UK for 20 [...]

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