Asbestos is a dangerous substance. Asbestos has been the cause of one of the worst occupational epidemics that the UK has ever known, and still to this day we see numbers of around 4,500 relating to deaths linked to asbestos. This figure is astounding and comes at a time when asbestos has been banned completely in the UK for 20 years. Just think about how much worse the situation could be in the future if asbestos was still used.

For many years asbestos was used freely within construction, within industry, shipbuilding, engineering, and large infrastructure projects nationwide. It was used as lagging on pipes and boilers, as part of insulation in houses, and many people were directly exposed to it in these working situations but also second-hand as asbestos fibres stuff to work clothing, which would then be taken home and washed and dried in people’s homes and gardens.

As it takes many years for asbestosis symptoms to manifest, and because there are so many buildings and structures in the UK built prior to the ban in 1999, it is important to still be careful where asbestos is concerned.If you feel that asbestos is present in a building that you are responsible for, or you are due to renovate or refurbish a property, you must hire the services of a licensed and professional asbestos management and survey team.

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