If you are living with, or lived with people who have worked within industries where asbestos was known to have been present there is a chance that you too could have been exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres through secondary exposure.

For many people working within construction, engineering, shipbuilding, and other such industries they were exposed to asbestos fibres during everyday work and life, leading to long-term health complications. Asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related illnesses and cancers do not manifest any symptoms for many years. In some cases it took a few decades for people to begin to be demonstrably ill, with exposure to asbestos fibres eventually leading to fatalities.

For those who worked in heavy industry, or lived in areas of heavy industry, there is a danger that they could have been exposed to asbestos fibres. On the clothes that their loved ones and family members brought home from work to be washed and ironed, or from the buildings that were lived in prior to the ban of asbestos use.

If you are worried that you may have been exposed to asbestos in the past, or that your current home may have asbestos present, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Artisan Environmental. We will provide expert advice and guidance, and in the case of current properties with asbestos present, we can provide an extensive asbestos survey and removal service.

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