Frequently Asked Questions

A simple, safe and a reliable way of testing for asbestos in your home or commercial property.

Why is asbestos dangerous2020-11-25T11:38:59+00:00

Asbestos is dangerous when the asbestos fibres are released into the air from damaged materials or when the materials are moved, sawn, cut, broken or abraded. The asbestos fibres are so tiny they pass deep into the lungs and your natural defences are unable to remove the fibres from the lungs. They build up in the lungs and your body’s immune system attacking the fibres causes damage and scarring to the delicate lung tissue. Over time this leads to asbestos related diseases such as asbestos, lung cancer and the asbestos specific cancer of the lung lining mesothelioma.


What is asbestos2020-11-25T11:39:12+00:00

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral. It was mined in several countries and imported in large quantities into the UK for use in building materials and products extensively from the 1950s up until 1999 when use of asbestos was banned in the UK. It was a very useful product as it had a number of great products such as strength, durability, heat and fire proofing, chemical resistance, noise and moisture resistance.



How do I return the samples to you?2020-11-25T11:39:28+00:00

Once all the samples have been taken, bagged and individually labelled, place them in the blue postage bag provided. Ensure that you enclose the sampling booking form listing all of the sample types and locations and your contact details. Please ensure that the package is weighed and measured before posting as some samples may exceed the allowance of a first-class stamp. There may be a delay in getting your results if the samples are packaged incorrectly.

How should I sample artex or other textured coating?2020-11-25T11:39:39+00:00

It is recommended that you take multiple samples from different points across the area ( at least 3 samples is the recommendation). Place all samples in the same bag to form one homogenous sample.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or no longer need the kit?2020-11-25T11:39:52+00:00

Return your item within 14 days of receipt and we will provide you with a refund (minus any postage costs). The product must be returned as new, with all components included. For more information please read our refund policy here


What if I already have my own personal protective clothing?2020-11-25T11:40:04+00:00

You can purchase an analysis only kit from us – select this option on the product page

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To purchase this option you must provide a disclaimer confirming that you have your own appropriate PPE for the task. This includes the sample bags and instructions on how to take the sample(s) and return them.


Can I take a sample of insulation or sprayed coating?2020-11-25T11:40:19+00:00

No. Sampling of these materials must be carried out by a qualified surveying company as these are high risk materials that release high levels of asbestos fibres easily into the air. Contact us

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 if you require this service.

How will I receive my results?2020-11-25T11:40:33+00:00

Once the results have been received, we will email you a PDF of the laboratory Fibre Identification Certificate which will tell you whether there is asbestos present within the material and if so what type of asbestos (Crocidolite – blue, Amosite – brown, or Chrysotile – white)


When will I receive my results?2020-11-25T11:40:46+00:00

Test results will available within 2 – 3 working days of us receiving the samples from you.

What size sample should I take?2020-11-25T11:41:00+00:00

A sample size of 2-5cm is sufficient (approximately the size of a 50p piece). For large areas, such as warehouse roofs, it is recommended that 2 – 3 samples should be taken across the surface area to ensure the product type has not changed. Full instructions for taking samples of each type of material is included with the kit.


Asbestos Testing Kit

UPDATE: Our Complete Asbestos Testing Kit INCLUDES a FFP3 face mask.

Our asbestos testing kit provides a simple, safe and reliable way of testing for asbestos containing materials in your home or commercial property.

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