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Our asbestos sampling kits provide a simple, safe and reliable way of testing for asbestos containing materials in your home or commercial property.

Developed and supported by independent asbestos specialists

What’s in the box?

Our Asbestos Sampling Kit comes complete with all you need to safely take samples of suspected asbestos materials. We also include an easy to follow sampling instruction booklet and return packaging for sending your samples for testing.

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Where am I likely to find asbestos in my property?

Test suspected asbestos material and have the results back within 48 hours!

Asbestos Bitumen Products

Found in roofing felts, sink dampener pads, flooring adhesive, damp proof course.

Asbestos Insulation (AIB) Products

Found in soffit panels, door liners, window infills, ceiling panels, boxing panels, fire breaks, under-stairs fire protection.

Asbestos Cement Products

Found in roof tiles, corrugated roofing sheets, soffit panels, undercloaking, guttering, downpipes, fascia panels, wall cladding, boxing panels, ceiling panels, water storage tanks.

Asbestos Common Products

Found in textured coating to ceilings/walls (Artex), woven flash guards in fuse box, ropes, gaskets, vinyl floor tiles, vinyl floor tiles paper backing.

We DO NOT recommend that you sample

Loose insulation, sprayed insulation or lagging. Please contact us if you require these products testing as this will need to be carried out by a qualified professional.

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