Asbestos is very dangerous to be in contact with. Since it was banned completely in the UK in 1999 it is no longer an issue within any new build homes or structures, but within a huge number of homes that were built prior to that date, asbestos is still a very real and present danger.

That’s not to say that you should necessarily worry, but there are times when you should consider getting in touch with a licensed contractor to help you undertake an asbestos survey, asbestos testing, and possibly an asbestos removal service.

Asbestos is found within insulation in older homes, in the lining of pipes, in artexing, and in many other areas of a home. If you are worried that you have come across asbestos in your home you should immediately contact Artisan Surveyors to test asbestos in your home.

Other reasons why you should hire an asbestos testing company is when you are considering an extensive refurbishment of your home, or if the structure is being demolished to prepare a plot of land for a new construction project. In all of these cases it could disturb ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) and cause potential harm to those living in the building.

It is illegal for anyone other than a professional, licensed asbestos contractor to handle and analyse asbestos and asbestos containing materials.