When you are buying a home one of the questions that might come up is whether or not you should have an asbestos survey. We would advise that this is always a good idea, especially if you are buying a house that was built prior to the asbestos ban in 1999.


You should know though, that an asbestos is not a legal requirement when purchasing a house, like other surveys as part of the house buying process are. There are good reasons to consider it though, with ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) found in many places in older homes. These places include old floor tiles, insulation, air duct covers, fireplaces, pipes, boilers, door gaskets, textured paint, window panels, cement panels, and guttering.


When you consider all of these potential places, it makes sense to hire a professional asbestos testing team to conduct a thorough asbestos survey of the home you are buying. Without a full and extensive asbestos testing process you could be unwittingly allowing your family and loved ones to come into contact with ACMs. It only takes one breath of asbestos fibres to potentially suffer from life-changing asbestos-related illnesses in the future.


The survey will look at ACMs in the building that could be disturbed by everyday life in the home, or at times where there is installation of pipes, cables, or other equipment. It will also look at areas of the building that could potentially be disturbed by maintenance and repair issues in the future.