A sheltered housing project in Aberdeen is at the centre of an asbestos worry as the housing manager fears that residents, staff, and visitors have been put at risk to repeated exposure to asbestos.


Emma Davis told BBC Scotland News that she felt the need to speak out about dangers after a repair job at the laundry room of Bridge of Dee Court revealed that asbestos was present, and that she is worried that this could be the third time she has personally been exposed to asbestos since last year.


Hanover Scotland (the company responsible for managing the sheltered housing) said that the asbestos was ‘low risk’ and that it was dealt with immediately, and that health and safety of any persons on site had not been put at risk


Mrs Davis has called for a full investigation to ensure that exposure is never a problem in the future, especially as she claims the laundry room remained untouched for two months in a state of disrepair. If any person used the room with asbestos present, they could be in danger of succumbing to an asbestos-related illness in the future.


Asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999 but is still present in many buildings that were constructed in the decades prior to that date. If asbestos fibres are disturbed it can damage the lungs of any person close enough to inhale them, causing long-term health complications and fatalities from mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other asbestos-related illnesses that might not present symptoms for decades down the line.


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